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Hospital and Participant Guidelines

Objectives of NSW Physiotherapy New Graduate Allocation Program

  • To provide a suitable environment for New Graduate Physiotherapists to consolidate their physiotherapy education and continue their professional development.
  • To provide a broad based and varied clinical experience, in a variety of clinical locations with suitable senior support.
  • To provide a sound foundation for the new graduate's future career in Physiotherapy.
  • To introduce New Graduate Physiotherapists to the wide variety of experience available within the Public Health Sector.

Participating Hospitals will Support the New Graduate Program by:

  • Providing as broad a range of experience as is possible
  • Organising a continuing education programme for the period of allocation that will complement the clinical experience of the New Graduate
  • Providing a performance appraisal system that will ensure ongoing and appropriate feedback to the New Graduate
  • Ensuring the availability of senior staff at a level sufficient to ensure experienced professional support for the New Graduate
  • Ensuring that where seconding arrangements exist the hospitals involved work towards a complementary clinical experience for the New Graduate
  • To advise the New Graduate Allocation Committee regarding any vacancy of New Graduate positions, and attempt to fill any such position with an applicant who was initially unsuccessful in being allocated a position through the New Graduate Allocation Program.
  • Ensuring that a participating hospital does not encourage a New Graduate to leave their allocation position to take up a position in their hospital.

Rural Secondment

  • The hospital receiving the secondment is expected to provide a return fare or equivalent thereof to the New Graduates seconded to that hospital.
  • The Physiotherapist on secondment should be provided with free accommodation if they have documented proof they are paying rent / mortgage/ board elsewhere.

Participating New Graduates are required to Support the NSW Physiotherapy New Graduate Allocation Program by

  • Honouring their commitment to take up their placement, including secondments, and serving out the full term of their allocation employment contract.
  • Assuming the appropriate level of professional responsibility for a Level 1/2 Physiotherapist working in the Public Health Sector.
  • Actively contributing to the effective and efficient functioning of the Physiotherapy Department/s of their allocated hospital
  • Accepting that the priority of patient care may necessitate changes in departmental organization.
  • Accommodating changes to the roster. The Hospital Directory details anticipated rotations. However, staff shortages or changes in hospital services may necessitate changes in rosters. This could affect rotations and secondments.

Australian Physiotherapy Association

It is recommended that all physiotherapy new graduates should consider membership of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA). For further information go to the APA website: