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Allocation Process 2024

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    General Statement

    Allocation is the first stage of the standardised process whereby participating NSW Health Facilities select the most suitable candidates for their First Year Graduate (FYG) positions. It is not a guarantee of a position but rather an opportunity to compete for a FYG role within a hospital of the applicant’s choice.

    The Allocation process entails allocating applicants to a hospital based on their preferences. Following this, the applicants become part of that hospital’s FYG recruitment. Successful candidates are selected from this recruitment.

    The process of Allocation and the subsequent recruitment stages are as follows:

    • Applying for Allocation: applicants submit their hospital preferences within the stipulated timeframe (via the Allocation Website)
    • Allocation: applicants are allocated to a hospital of their choice and a list of allocated candidates is given to each participating site
    • Recruitment: Hospitals progress to local recruitment. Each hospital receives a larger number of candidates than positions available to ensure the recruitment process is competitive. Recruitment is implemented by the hospital sites not the Allocation Committee

      Recruitment will include the following:
    • Selection Criteria: once allocated, the candidates will receive selection criteria from the hospital. Four of these will be generic selection criteria used by all participating hospitals. Individual hospitals may have up to four more selection criteria specific to their sites. Candidates must provide their answers to these selection criteria within the stipulated timeframe and progression to the interview stage will only occur if the candidate adequately meets the selection criteria. Candidates whose responses do not meet the selection criteria will be culled.
    • Interviews: Candidates who adequately meet the selection criteria will progress to the Interview stage. During this stage, candidates will be ranked according to their interview performance. Not all candidates interviewed will progress through this stage.
    • Reference Check: Reference checks will be done on candidates who progress through the interview stage. Reference checks need to be satisfactory for further progression. For the referee check, the hospital will choose two of your Clinical Placement Supervisors.
    • Employment Requirements: progression to employment depends on meeting these requirements. These include a satisfactory Immunization Status, passing the Criminal and Working with Children Record Check and meeting the physical and psychological demands of the position. Some hospitals may have further requirements.

    Successful candidates must progress through all of the stages of recruitment. The final offer of the position will be only be tendered on completion of the process. If a candidate is unable to satisfy any of the requirements, the hospital may decline employment.

    Applicants should take into consideration all aspects of a position and hospital when choosing preferences. For example, the position may require you to participate in certain rosters (e.g. on call, weekends, or night rosters) or secondment programs to other sites including rural health services.

    The final listing of successful candidates will occur on the website by Friday 22nd of December 2023. As this occurs before the Universities release their final results the ability of the successful applicant to take up the position depends on successful completion of their course. If the candidate does not complete their degree, they will not be registered in time for the commencement of the First Year Graduate Year on Monday 5 th of February 2024 and will not be able to be take up the position.

    Eligibility for NSW Physiotherapy New Graduate Allocation Program

    To be eligible for Allocation, Candidates must meet the following criteria:

    • Studying at a NSW University
    • NSW Residency of at least 5 years’ duration (for students studying at an interstate university - see below for eligibility requirements)
    • On track for the completion of a tertiary qualification in Physiotherapy by the end of the 2023 academic year.
    • Australian Work Rights:
      • Australian Citizenship OR
      • Permanent residency
    • Commitment to complete 12 months employment at the Allocated hospital
    • Attainment of AHPRA Registration in time to commence the FYG position

    At time of application, Applicants will be asked to indicate that they:

    • Have read and understood the policies on Vaccinations, Working with Children and the Code of Conduct.
    • Understand the position they are applying for is a 12-month contract with the Local Health District (LHD).
    • Understand that the recruitment process and position is the responsibility of the Local Health District.
    • If studying at an interstate university that they have been a NSW Resident for at least 5 years (proof will also be required)
    • Are applying for an Indigenous position (proof will also be required)

    Applicants for Allocation must:

    • Have not participated or been eligible to participate in the NSW Physiotherapy New Graduate Allocation Program on a previous occasion.
    • Not defer your application or if successful in gaining a position, you may not defer the commencement.
    • Have not been employed as a registered physiotherapist in any form or location before 1st July 2023
    • Be aware of the timelines for submission of the required documentation for the Physiotherapy registration with AHPRA.

    Eligibility for NSW Residents at non-NSW Universities

    NSW residents who have studied at non-NSW Universities are eligible for First Year Graduate positions within the NSW Allocation Program.

    Requests for non-NSW university applicants will be reviewed as a Special Consideration requiring candidates to meet 3 extra criteria in addition to the normal selection criteria for allocation.

    The extra criteria are:

    1. Statutory Declaration stating residency in NSW for the last 5 years.
    2. Proof of ID: Passport or current NSW Driver’s Licence or Identity card
    3. Proof of Residence:
      1. Name on Utility Bill with NSW address
      2. Name and address from the Electoral Roll
      3. Address Details from secondary school or University

    Proof of NSW Residency is submitted at the Application Phase of Allocation. On submission and verification of all the relevant evidence, candidates will go into the general allocation process.

    Indigenous Allocation

    A number of hospital sites have targeted Indigenous First Year Graduate positions and there is a separate allocation process for these positions.

    The committee reviews all Indigenous applications prior to allocation to ensure that the applicants meet the following selection criteria:

    • Be of Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander descent, identify as an Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander; and be accepted as such by the community in which you live, or have lived. You will be required to confirm your Aboriginality (e.g. presenting a certificate or paper from a recognised Aboriginal organisation with a common seal or Aboriginal Land Council).

    The Committee will be accept Statutory Declarations of a candidate’s Aboriginality in addition to other official documentation such as letters from the appropriate Land Council or Aboriginal Authority. This is consistent with University and hospital processes. If a Stat Dec is offered as proof it must declare the following:

    • That the applicant is of Aboriginal descent,
    • That the applicant identifies as an Aboriginal,
    • That the applicant is accepted as such by the community in which they live and have previously lived.

    The Proof of Aboriginality is submitted at the Application Phase of Allocation. Applicants for the Indigenous positions must also base their preferences on the targeted positions.

    Following allocation to a hospital site, the Indigenous Applicants will be subject to the same recruitment process as the other applicants.

    The Allocation Process

    • The applicants choose their preferred hospitals for allocation by ranking them in order. Applicants must preference all hospitals.
    • Once an applicant has successfully submitted their preferences, they become part of the Allocation Pool as a Candidate.
    • The candidates within the pool are submitted to the OPPM computer program, which allocates all applicants to a hospital, based on giving the highest number of applicants as close as possible to their highest preference.

    Points of Note:

    • Applications for Allocation are submitted via the Allocation website (this website).
    • To be able to apply, applicants need to register a login account on the Allocation Website.
    • The Website is open for applications at 8.00 a.m. on Saturday the 23rd of September 2023 and closes for applications at 5.00 p.m. on Friday 20th of October 2023. The system will not accept late applications.
    • Once the application is lodged electronically, it is final. You may not change your preferences or the content of your application. However, you will be able to edit your contact details up until the close of applications on the website at 5.00 p.m. Friday 20th of October 2023.
    • The Allocation of candidates to hospitals will take place on Wednesday the 25th of October, 2023.
    • The number of candidates allocated to each hospital is determined by how many First Year Graduate positions are taken by that hospital relative to the overall number of FYG positions and the total number of candidates. For example, if a hospital takes 12 FYG positions and there are 120 total FYG positions they represent 10% of the program and will take 10% of the applicants. If there are 250 applicants, this hospital will have 25 candidates allocated.
    • Prior to submission, applicants must accept the Allocation Declaration. By accepting the declaration, the applicants acknowledge that they accept the conditions of participating in the New Graduate Program. The applicants acknowledge that they understand:
      1. They may not be successful in obtaining a FYG position
      2. If they are not eligible for AHPRA Registration or do not progress through hospital recruitment they will not be offered an allocation position.

    The Recruitment Process

    • The Department Heads/Managers are issued with the names of the applicants who have been allocated to their facility/Local Health District (LHD).
    • The Department Head/Manager will contact the candidates and provide them with the details about the next steps in the recruitment process including the submission of the selection criteria and other required documents. The candidates must submit these within the timeframe stipulated by the hospital (information about Selection Criteria below). Sites will contact candidates by Friday the 3rd of November, 2023.
    • The Department Head/Manager processes candidates’ responses to the selection criteria and determines which candidates progress to the interview stage. If candidates do not adequately meet the selection criteria, they will not progress to the interview stage.
    • The Department Head/Manager conducts the interviews to determine the preferred candidates for the First Year Graduate positions (information about Interviews below)
    • The Department Head/Manager performs referee checks for the preferred applicants. The preferred candidates are confirmed as successful following the reference check.
    • The Department Head/Manager contacts the applicants to advise them of the outcome of the recruitment process. Successful candidates accept the position at this point.
    • Successful candidates progress to completing the necessary paperwork and LHD processes

    Points of Note:

    • The Department Head/Manager is in charge of coordinating the process but a suitably experienced senior delegate may do parts of the recruitment.
    • Applicants will be contacted from Thursday the 26th of October, 2023 with details about the next steps
    • It is important that your contact details are accurate and that you are able to answer your phone or emails promptly. Applicants are required to provide the name of a contact person
    • If a candidate is unsuccessful or refuses the position, there will be no further offers of employment.
    • Following acceptance of a First Year Graduate position the Hospital will commence employment processing. Employment is contingent upon the successful completion of all LHD processes and paperwork. The paperwork may include the following:
      1. A CV or resume.
      2. Original Qualification.
      3. AHPRA Registration (there is information on Registration below)
      4. Evidence of Australian work rights e.g. passport, birth certificate, Citizenship documents.
      5. Original proof of identification (100 point identification checklist -
      6. A valid Working With Children Clearance (WWCC) (there is information about how to apply for the WWCC below)
      7. Other forms e.g. Health Declaration, National Criminal Record Check consent form.
      8. Evidence of Immunisation status (

    Step 3

    • The Department Head/ Manager will advise the Committee Chair of their successful candidates.
    • If required, the New Graduate Allocation Committee will review any decisions to cull applicants to monitor due process.

    Step 4

    • If there are any unfilled positions or withdrawals, candidates may be taken from a list of candidates from that hospital or from other district sites. If there are no suitable candidates from the hospital’s list, other candidates may be sought from the Allocation Committee
    • The New Graduate Allocation Committee reserves the right in exceptional circumstances to allocate an applicant based on the needs of the applicant and/or the needs of the hospital.

    Selection Criteria

    There will be up to eight selection criteria. Four of these are standard and are as follows:

    1. Eligibility for a First Year Graduate position including:
      1. Tertiary qualifications in Physiotherapy completed by the end of the 2023 academic year from a NSW University or a NSW resident studying at an interstate university,
      2. Eligible for Physiotherapy Registration with AHPRA
      3. Australian Work Rights
    2. Ability to apply clinical knowledge and concepts to practical situations in clinical settings.
    3. Proven ability to apply evidence-based practice in clinical settings.
    4. Demonstrated ability to respond to feedback and incorporate into clinical practice.

    A hospital can provide up to 4 more selection criteria specific to their site. These are included in the Hospital Descriptor section of the Website. It is important that you read the selection criteria of the hospitals before making your preferences. This will ensure that you are able to meet them and give you the best chance of progressing through to the Interview Stage.


    After the Selection Criteria stage, Department Managers will contact the candidates with details about the date and time of their interviews. Candidates who do not progress through the Selection Criteria stage will not receive any notification.


    Candidates will need to provide the names and contact details of all clinical educators for clinical referee checks. They will need to be people who can endorse your clinical skills, work ethic and experience. A 'character' type reference is not relevant to this application.

    Applicants will need to include the referees names, location, email address and phone contact. The dates of interaction with them (e.g. clinical placement type and date) should also be provided. These details will be provided to the Department Head/Manager along with the Selection Criteria and CV. Hospitals may also request the Assessment of Physiotherapy Practice (APP) from your clinical placements

    The Department Head/Manager will contact a minimum of 2 referees to complete reference checks. The referees will be contacted following the interview stage

    Referees are not required to provide any written reference for the purpose of the New Graduate Allocation program prior to being contacted by the Department Head/Manager.

    Note It is recommended that all Candidates prepare for the Recruitment Process. More information on addressing the selection criteria and interviews can be found on the NSW Health eRecruit website:

    Physiotherapy Registration

    To practise in Australia, Physiotherapists must be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). It is the responsibility of the individual to organize registration. If there are delays with the processing of a candidate’s registration the hospital may not proceed with recruitment. Therefore it is vitally important that candidates are aware of the timelines for registration and meeting submission timelines for their registration paperwork.

    Further information is available at:

    Phone: 1300 419 495, Website:

    Postal address: GPO Box 9958 SYDNEY NSW 2000

    A video for students who are about to graduate is also available for viewing at the Physiotherapy Board of Australia’s website .

    Registration is renewable annually. It is important to inform the Registration Board about any change in your contact details.

    Working with Children Checks (WWCC)

    To be considered for a FYG position, candidates need a paid Working With Children Check (WWCC). The Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP) issues the WWCC

    To apply for a WWCC

    All candidates are required to obtain and pay for their own WWCC. Applications for the WWCC are able to be accessed online via the CCYP website (no paper based option is available):

    You are then required to go to the NSW Roads & Maritime Service Motor Registry or government access centre, pay the fee (if applicable) and have your identity confirmed (you will need to take appropriate identification with you).

    WWCC application will then be activated. The applicant will receive an application/reference via email from the CCYP.

    The application/reference number is to be provided in your application for the New Graduate Allocation Program.

    The Hospital will verify the application prior to confirming your offer of employment.

    How much does it cost?

    The 'Working With Children Check' will cost $80.

    It is valid for a five-year period.

    The WWCC is separate to the National Criminal Record Check.

    Fees for NSW Physiotherapy New Graduate Allocation Program

    All students applying for the NSW Physiotherapy New Graduate Allocation Program are required to pay $55.00.

    The fee is non-refundable - even if you are not successful in gaining a position or withdraw from the program.

    This fee is necessary to cover costs associated with the Administration of the Program e.g. updating and maintenance of the Website and the various administrative costs. The Committee members are not paid.

    Payment is required at the time you submit your application online via 'PayPal'.

    Withdrawal from the NSW Physiotherapy New Graduate Allocation Program

    It is possible for you to withdraw your application for the NSW Physiotherapy New Graduate Allocation Program up until Tuesday the 24th of October, 2023.

    This can be done via the website. If you withdraw, you will receive a confirmation of your withdrawal via an email. If you do not receive this confirmation please contact the Chairperson via email as the process may not have been completed.

    There is no obligation to give any reasons for the withdrawal but please complete your withdrawal before the deadline . This is required to ensure the accuracy of the Allocation process and to minimise disruption for other participants and hospitals.

    The First Year Graduate Position

    Once you have accepted a First Year Graduate position, you are expected to take up the position, honour the year's contract and decline any other later offers.

    The First Year Graduate Year commences on Monday the 5th of February, 2024 and concludes on Sunday the 2nd of February, 2025.

    Award, salary range and terms of employment

    Information regarding the award, salary range and terms of employment can be found at the following link: