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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are all eligible applicants going to be allocated to a hospital?

    Yes, but remember applicants are allocated to a hospital to be a part of the recruitment process. Once you are allocated you will need to successfully go through the stages of recruitment to get a First Year Graduate position. Allocation is not a guarantee of a position rather an opportunity to compete for a position.

  2. I am having trouble with getting my AHPRA registration. What can I do?

    Please contact the hospital you have been allocated to and discuss the issue with your potential Head of Department.

  3. I will be on holiday up until I am due to start work. What will I need to do?

    The Head of Department of the Hospital you have been allocated to must complete a lot of paperwork and this will need your input. You may also need to attend Staff health. If this is delayed because you are not available, it could delay your employment commencement. This may not be acceptable for the hospital, and they could reconsider your employment. This matter is between you and the hospital. This is not the responsibility of the New Graduate Allocation Committee.

  4. I will finish my course in December 2023 but want to defer for 12 months. Can I apply for Allocation starting in 2024?

    No. You cannot defer your application. You can only apply at the time you finish your University course. The Allocation year is linked to the graduation year.

  5. I have a late assessment in Jan 2024. Can I still apply for Allocation?

    No. You need to be able to submit and receive your registration prior to the Allocation commencement date in early February as you will not be able to be employed without registration.

  6. I have a placement in late December/Early January. Am I eligible for allocation in 2024?

    Yes, if you have a late placement you will be eligible as long as your registration can be processed by the commencement date for the year (5th of February 2024)

  7. I have a bridging visa. I am hoping to be a permanent resident by February 2024. Can I apply for Allocation?

    No. You have to be a permanent resident to be employed. Unless you can prove this status at the time of applying you are not eligible.

  8. I need to book a holiday in 2024 - how do I apply for leave?

    You need a job first! The Annual Leave Act covers the entitlement of annual leave. The 'entitlement' is effective AFTER you have worked for 12 months, and is for 4 weeks leave pro rata. All NSW Public Hospitals Physiotherapists are employed under the same award regulations. Leave accrued during the year up to your entitlement (anniversary date) is called 'Pro rata'. Some Heads of Department MAY approve some leave but it is at their discretion.

  9. I have changed my mind about my preferences. Can I change them please?

    You can only change your preferences if you haven’t submitted them. Once they have been submitted then they are not able to be changed.

  10. I have graduated in another state, but live in NSW – am I eligible to apply for NSW Allocation?

    Yes. Residents of NSW (for at least 5 years) who studied at non-NSW universities are eligible for allocation. The eligibility criteria and document requirements are here: Eligibility for NSW Residents at non-NSW Universities.

  11. I graduated late and missed out on Allocation last year. Am I eligible to apply for Allocation this year?

    Yes, but only if you have not been employed anywhere as a physiotherapist before Friday 1st July 2023. If you have been employed as a physiotherapist between graduation and before Friday 1st July 2023 you are not eligible to apply.

  12. Is being allocated to a hospital a guarantee of First Year Graduate position?

    No. Being allocated to a hospital is the first step in the process. Once allocated, you will need to progress through the hospital’s recruitment process, which involves answering selection criteria, sitting for an interview and undergoing a reference check. Each site will be allocated more candidates than they have positions so allocated physiotherapists can miss out.

  13. What role does Grade Point Average (GPA) play in the selection process?

    GPA is not part of the Allocation Process and it is not one of the 4 standard selection criteria asked at all sites. However, some sites may choose to have GPA as part of their site selection criteria. It is important that you read all of the specific hospital selection criteria before deciding on your preferences to make sure you are eligible.