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NSW Physiotherapy New Graduate Allocation Program


The Allocation program was implemented by Managers of some NSW Public Hospitals Physiotherapy Departments 35 years ago. Positions for new graduates were established in these Hospitals. Subsequent to this, the Registration Act required new graduates to have a year of clinical practice to become registered. The Physiotherapy New Graduate Allocation Program became the process whereby graduates were assigned to a Hospital to complete a mandatory pre- registration year to gain clinical experience. A pre- registration year of clinical experience has not been required since the Act was changed in the mid 1980's, as the University undergraduate course was changed to a 4 year program with increased clinical exposure in the curriculum. However, the Physiotherapy New Graduate Allocation Program has continued as a process to support new graduates transition from student status to that of a competent, experienced NSW Public Hospital physiotherapist. The Physiotherapy New Graduate Allocation Program provides an appropriate level of supervision and support combined with a broad range of clinical and professional experience in a variety of clinical locations.

Current Situation

Allocation has been renamed as "The Physiotherapy New Graduate Allocation Program" to reflect the fact that graduates are fully registered upon entering the program. NSW Physiotherapy graduates are allocated to a NSW Public Hospital for a 12 month contract.

Prior to October 2013, Allocation was conducted based on applicants' preferences for hospitals/ services.

The process used for placements in 2015, 2016, and again in 2017 will include merit based selection. Applicants will be ranked by Grade Point Average (GPA), and in addition be required to provide responses to the selection criteria, undergo interviews and reference checks. This process has been adopted to comply with Ministry of Health recruitment policy directive (PD 2012_028). The process will allocate applicants to a finite number of available positions based upon merit.

NSW Physiotherapy New Graduate Allocation Program in 2018

Responsibilities of Participants

New Graduates

  1. Accept the position offered. (There is always the chance that you might not get exactly where you want - but you still need to honour that commitment)
  2. Complete the 12 month contract
  3. Understand that to decline an offer will rule you out of the New Graduate Allocation program


  1. Provide a range of clinical and professional experience
  2. Ensure a supportive learning environment

The NSW Physiotherapy New Graduate Allocation Program Committee consists of the Local Health District Physiotherapy Representatives or Heads of Physiotherapy Departments of participating NSW Hospitals (both rural and metropolitan), as well as representatives from the Physiotherapy Schools at all the NSW Universities. The Committee conducts the process and ensures that the program is transparent, merit based and complies with NSW Ministry of Health policy.

It is predicted that there will be more applicants than positions for the placement year 2018-2019. The Committee is committed to engaging with the relevant authorities and stakeholders to affect an increased number of new graduate positions.

Successful applicants for the Physiotherapy New Graduate Allocation Program can expect to participate in a program which will provide an excellent foundation for their career in Physiotherapy. The Physiotherapy New Graduate year will provide the opportunity for graduates to apply and consolidate the skills and knowledge acquired as students and develop new ones. Supervision, support and training will be provided to assist graduates to develop professional competence. More information on supervision can be found in the HETI Superguide for Allied Health Professionals at: